Mine water purification technologies


When using this technology, the company receives a number of advantages:
1. Solves the environmental problem of mine water disposal
2. Water has a positive effect on the health of employees, which will lead to a reduction in sick leaves, an increase in profits and the stability of the enterprise.
3. Rejection of the supply of drinking water (economy of expenditure invoices)
4. The enterprise will take other markets, increase capital turnover, increase the profitability of the economic activity of the enterprise.
5. Attract additional categories of consumers

Short description of the technology

Your enterprise has a valuable raw material – mine water, the division of which can be very profitable for the enterprise!
We propose to build desalinators-distributors of highly mineralized mine water that freeze at your mines. It will be cleaned of suspensions and salts. High-quality drinking water lightened from heavy hydrogen isotopes (deuterium and tritium) will be obtained. We can develop technical documentation for productivity from 1,000÷5,000 t/day and then up to 10,000 t/day, provide guidance during manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and train personnel. There will be no release of brine at the installations, and the salts will be removed in dry form. The cost of melt water production at a productivity of 5÷10 thousand tons/day will be less than 1.5 dollars/ton of desalinated water.

Salt water freezing technology is based on well-known physical properties, namely:
1. Ice formed in any polluted water, sea water, mine brines, radioactive water, contaminated with organic matter, disease-causing bacteria, etc. – is built ONLY from oxygen and hydrogen molecules. The rest is repelled from the crystal structure of ice by rather strong hydrogen bonds. The brine covers the ice crystals with a film with a concentration of salts approximately 2 times greater than the concentration of the saturated brine, and can be removed by washing the ice in the separation and washing column of the SPK.
2. According to the conclusions of doctors, melt water is beneficial for human health – reduction of cholesterol in the blood, anti-cancer effect, benefit for the human cardiovascular system, increase in life expectancy (examples – residents of the Caucasus and Yakutia, who use melt water from the melt and their tundra /there are no vegetables and fruits in this tundra, the Yakuts eat only deer meat, fish and a very small amount of various summer berries/, improvement of potency, accelerated healing of wounds, etc.
Thaw water (verified!) increases the productivity of farms. crops (for example, wheat by 28%, melons by 200%, etc.), growth and productivity of animals (for example, pigs – twice as much, etc.).
3. Salts dissolved in brine during its cooling have different crystallization temperatures (these are eutectic points), are separated from each other by a significant temperature difference (which is very important for their separation), have a density that exceeds the density of their saturated solutions, and can be separated during the gradual cooling of the brine. First, when the brine is cooled to -5÷-80C, sulfates Na2SO4, CaSO4, MgSO4, etc. crystallize (and they are removed by an auger), then when the remaining brine is cooled to -120C, KCl∙H2O crystallizes and is removed, then when this new – 230C crystallizes and NaCl∙2H2O is excreted, then upon further cooling of a small amount of brine to -350C, it precipitates in the solid phase and MgCl2 is excreted.
A small amount of CaCl2 remains and it, in order not to lower the temperature to -500C in a separate step, which is unprofitable due to the small consumption of this brine, can be removed in its saturated brine, which can be commercially implemented as a coolant in low-temperature refrigeration plants.
Salts will be of technical purity (about 95÷99%), impurities and others. salts will be about 1÷5%).
4. The “first” ice is enriched with heavy water by about 25%, the remaining ice is depleted by it and is beneficial for human health. After the ice is washed from the surface film of brine in the SPK, it can be subjected to column rectification by column rectification with obtaining 99.5% heavy water at the top of the column and light drinking water at the bottom of the column.
If you are interested, we are ready to calculate the necessary equipment for your enterprise.