Currently, the world is raising the issue of solving the acute problem of climate change on our planet. The main task is to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
The main pollutants of the atmosphere are the smoke of large enterprises (thermal power plants, metallurgical complexes, cement factories).
We have developed a gas hydrate technology for reducing CO2 emissions and removing carbon dioxide from flue gases.
According to our smoke technology, we obtain liquid smoke and divide it into components – liquid CO2, sulfur dioxide SO2 and nitrous oxide N2O. Also, carbon monoxide can be obtained separately in the form of a gas under a pressure of about 7 MPa.
Liquid smoke and its components can be considered as highly profitable raw materials!
These components can be implemented.
The first option on the world market (their prices range from 225 to 16,000 dollars/ton).
The second option – liquefied smoke is not divided into components, but as their mixture is sold to companies that use it for the production of methane gas.

Reference: In the gas hydrate deposits of the Black Sea, methane resources are estimated at 100 trillion m3. In the zone of the sea under Ukrainian jurisdiction, methane reserves amount to about 20 trillion m3, which, given Ukraine’s annual gas needs of 20 billion m3/year, will “enough” for 10 centuries.

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